Calgary vs. Vancouver

I have surprised myself. I have watched part of one world junior preliminary games and part of tonight’s NHL game, Calgary vs. Vancouver. I have to admit that when I came home tonight from Adam and Trinda Jocelyn’s, and I could hear the hockey game from the front door of my mom and Randy’s house… I did not want to watch it. But I layed on the couch and enjoyed watching it with my husband, asking him questions. I guess we’re supposed to cheer for Vancouver now. The whole time I was thinking about how Cindy Ashby would kick my butt if we watched that game together. What a flames fan!

I remember when I was a little girl, sitting on the couch with my dad watching the hockey game. This was back when Gretzky played for the Oilers. My dad had his own Oiler’s jersey. He asked me who my favourite team was, and of course I replied, “The Oilers”… because I knew they were his favourite. I like thinking about those times. I can remember the orange glow of those old brown lamps we had in the living room. I still have those lamps. They’re relics now.

Pete and I arrived in Estevan last night. The roads were slick. Oh man. But we made it. Listening to Tegan and Sara and the Weakerthans. I love this Southeastern part of Saskatchewan. I love resting my head against the window and gazing at the stars that are shining so brightly above us. The stars are great. When we were still in Carnduff, I asked my dad, “Did you know that the sun is just an average star? It’s really the same size as all those other stars, it’s just that it’s the closest one to us.” He didn’t know. But I bet he’s glad he does now.

This morning I had a great visit with my mom and her friend (and I think it’s safe to say that she’s my friend too!), Marilyn. This afternoon Marilyn took pictures of Pete and I around Estevan. I can’t believe the weather these days. Cold, warm, storming, melting. What on earth, I say. The weather doesn’t know what it’s doing. Then we had supper at Marilyn’s house with my mom and Randy. It was good fun. And after that good fun, we went to Adam and Trinda’s and hung out with them and their awesome kids. I love that family. Then back home to watch the hockey game.

But something wasn’t right. I had a strange urge to have a slurpee. Usually, I’m too lazy to be impulsive, but tonight I decided it would be fun. So Peter and I went out to the car and drove to 7/11. We saw a guy drive right through a 3-way stop intersection. And then, can you believe it, someone pulled out right in front of us. These crazy Estevan drivers. They are like the weather (they don’t know what they’re doing). We got a slurpee and a bag of chips. Now I’m typing this instead of watching the game. Like I said, I only watched part of the game.

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