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Category Archives: motherhood

The Morning of No iPad and Television

Alright, friends.  Story time. Last week I had a couple of separate conversations with a couple of different people (a friend and my husband) on the topic of screen time.  Now if I’m being perfectly honest, my kids are staring at screens way more than I’d like.  Like… a lot.  And yes, I’ve read the […]

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A couple weeks ago I had to run into Dollarama to buy some special dishes for a yummy breakfast I was planning to soon make myself.  I was walking quickly through the aisles to get what I needed and I could hear a mom hollering at her kids from somewhere out of sight.  I felt a […]

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5 Stages of Motherhood

I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about motherhood and how hard it can sometimes be and what a journey it is.  I’ve been thinking about how we compare ourselves to other moms and how we put so much pressure on ourselves and how we never feel like we’re doing enough.  Or is that […]

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Something You Don’t Want to Miss!

Hello mamas, I made this little video last night, would you mind giving it a little look-see?  It’s only 25 seconds long <3

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