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Searching for Sunday – Book Review

I was scared to read a Rachel Held Evans book because I follow her on Twitter.  I don’t really read her blog, she’s really smart and likes to debate doctrine and I had to look up complementarian and egalitarian in the dictionary because of her, and I am just not really into being controversial so I kind of just stay away.  But I wanted to read “Searching for Sunday” because it seemed like a really good topic for me — a book basically about losing and finding faith.

Rachel has made the book into 7 parts, each part about the 7 sacraments.  Within each part she shares her own story of growing up in church, wrestling with cynicism and doubt, and ultimately finding herself committed again to her faith and a church family, but also she writes beautifully about the different sacraments, bible stories and about God in general.  My favorite was the one about the Holy Spirit, which was a beautiful word picture of the unseen.

Rachel writes very honestly about her own cynicism, pride, doubts etc. and I just don’t know how I feel about the book as a whole.  While I think ultimately the goal is to uplift the universal church, there is a whole lot of negativity and “shoulds” and finger pointing, and while I think questioning is okay, I get really frustrated when people constantly look for the negative in the church and are quick to point it out and measure it against their ideals.  Rachel fully admits she did this as a defense mechanism for her own heart, and I don’t judge her for that but I just don’t know if I’d recommend this book to just anyone.  After all her wrestling she does come back to church, but I still just kind of feel like the negative parts of the book outweighed all the positive, beautiful, truth about God.

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