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Scary Close – Book Review

  I hadn’t read a Donald Miller book in a long time and I wasn’t sure what to expect since from what I’ve seen on social media, Don has changed a lot.  I was pleasantly surprised by the maturity with which he wrote, as well as the topic about which he wrote.

In “Scary Close” Donald writes about shame and vulnerability and the image we project as a result, as well as the way we manipulate others and how we behave in relationships.  This book really got me thinking again about why I am the way I am, what shames me and makes me feel unlovable, and how I may be living my life as a reaction.  All of Don’s “advice” or wisdom I take as I would from a friend, not a counselor, but it’s still encouraging and inspiring none the less.

Don has always had a way of writing and feeling like a friend, and you feel even closer as he shares vulnerably about who he is and what he has discovered about himself.  It makes me want to be the same way, and be a soft place for people to land.

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