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Savor – Book Review


It’s hard not to be biased when it comes to Shauna because I just already love her so much.  I basically already knew I would love her new daily devotional “Savor” before I even got it.  I love the way that Shauna writes and her emphasis on savoring the details and simple pleasures of life.  And the way she writes about food — I mean, really.  I feel like I can taste it as I read.  While Savor isn’t all about food, Shauna does share some delicious looking recipes and that’s something that I think makes Shauna stand out to me.  She is so true to herself in her writing that she feels just like a friend — she even gives you all her best recipes.  She shares everything she loves in “Savor”, from her love of food right down to the every day sacred moments — and encourages us to do the same.  Each daily there is a brief devotional followed by a question or two for us to apply to our own life.  I received a digital copy to review but after reading through it a bit, I ordered the paper copy for myself — so is that proof enough for you that I recommend this book? (Personally, especially with devotional style books, I really like to have the paper copy if possible.) 

Oh and I’m starting her book “Cold Tangerines” this week too.  So hop on the Shauna train, get “Savor” and check out her other books too!  

April 19, 2015 - 10:07 pm Jen - Hi Chelsey, I feel like I should know you already since I've heard your name so many times in our circle (Kelli and Blair and Melissa...) although we have never met! My Shauna Niequist love is growing as well! I have read Bread and Wine and am just starting Bittersweet. We are also doing a series at church called 'Simplify' lead by her father so she made an appearance in the video today! She has also spoke in a few of our videos at MOPS. Another one of my new favourites is Tsh Oxenreider, Notes from a Blue Bike. Looking forward to following a bit of your journey here. :)

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