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Grow – NaBloPoMo

I decided I might participate in National Blog Posting Month this month, since I’ve really been wanting to write more again.  I can’t promise I’m going to post perfectly, but the idea is to post one blog a day for the entire month.  This month’s theme is Grow, which seems pretty perfect for me.

I’m going to be thinking about growth this month and hopefully pounding out some okay-ish sentences and paragraphs on the theme.  I feel so inadequate these days, in pretty much every area of my life!  The feelings of inadequacy stop me from doing so many things that I enjoy doing, because I know that someone else can do it better.   I’ve been buying into the lie of perfectionism again.  I’m stronger in this area than I was 10 years ago but still have lots of room for growth.  So here I am, the whole mess of me, pushing myself to do things imperfectly so I can grow in them.  I hope I feel less rusty by the end of this month, in my writing, photography and documenting in general.

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