Accountable Kids – Review

A couple of months ago I decided our family needed some help in the kids’ chore department.  A friend of mine had been using these really cool looking chore charts for her kids and was seeing great success so I asked her how it worked and decided I’d give it a try.  First I asked her a bunch of questions, then I checked out their website, and then decided to place an order.

The Program:

Accountable Kids is a program that teaches both responsibility AND accountability — so that you don’t have to keep nagging your kids!

The Accoutable Kids program uses what they call a Progress Board.  It is a wooden board with 5 pegs for hanging their reminder cards, completed chores, tickets, special date card and extra chores.


Here is how it works: the children have a set of chores for each part of the day: morning, afternoon and evening.  The chores are colour-coded so your child knows when they need to be completed, which is really helpful for little ones.  When they complete their basic chores (ones you are not willing to pay your children to do, but that they are expected to do as a contributing member of the family) on time, they get a ticket that they can use for activities and privileges.  Ticketed activities could include: television, movies, video games, computer, art projects, playing with friends, sleepovers, park trip, swimming, flying kites, trampoline time, etc.

For each day that they complete all of their chores (morning, afternoon and evening) they get a sticker on their special date card.  The date card is a way for them to earn a special date with mom and dad or a grandparent, and is a way to help them understand the process of working for delayed gratification.  If the child wants to do extra chores, like helping mom with laundry or washing floors, etc. then they can do so and receive a bonus buck.  You can choose the value of the bonus buck for whatever is appropriate for your child.

Our Experience:

Our daughter is 7 and so far is the only one we have on the Accountable Kids program.  I did purchase boards for my sons, 4 and 2, and will start my 4-year-old very soon.  I feel that my 2-year-old is too young at this point, but his board is ready for him as soon as he is able to participate.  Eva was so excited to get our Accountable Kids stuff because her friend had already been using the program and told her all about it.  She was so eager to get started and happily completed chores.  We have seen a great success with her and it has been so awesome to watch her completing the tasks on her own without reminders.  She carefully considers how she would like to spend her tickets and her time and realizes that if she doesn’t complete her tasks, she won’t get a ticket!  I love not having to keep reminding her to do chores, as well as the routine this program has created in our home.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started.  The progress board, all the cards, an entire book written on the program that answers any questions you might have, and a DVD with both a quick-start video and a more in-depth video.  The quick-start videos can be viewed here if you would like to take a better look.

In the end, I’m really happy with this program and give it 5 stars!






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