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I love Throwback Thursday, where many people go back through the archives and share an old image.  I love seeing all the pictures of babies who have grown too quickly, or my friends when they themselves were children.  I saw that Jessica Turner of The Mom Creative was hosting a link-up of Throwback Thursday Stories and I knew I had to jump on board too.

This was in 2010 and Ezra was just a few months old and Eva was 3.  Since the moment I took this picture, it has been one of my all-time favorites.  Ezra had recently begun rolling over from his tummy to his back and he kept doing it while I was trying to get a photo of them together.  I could tell he was going to roll and kept saying to Eva “Ohhhh, here he goessss!  He’s gonna roll!” and she just thought it was so funny.  Apparently, Ezra agreed because I managed to get a snap of them both smiling before he rolled over again.




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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Stories – #tbt

  1. Susan

    Great photo. Time does pass quickly. Enjoy!


    1. chelsey

      Thank you, Susan!


  2. Paula

    What a great picture!


    1. chelsey

      Thanks, Paula!


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