My Ezra


It was a beautiful day today so we went out to the park as a family.  On the way home, Ezra asked if he could sit in Isaac’s seat in the stroller, and he wanted me to turn the seat around so he could face me.  On our walk home I asked, “Ezra, who is your best friend?”

“Eva,” he responded in a sweet voice, looking up at me with a coy expression.  “And Snowflake,” he added and then thought for a moment.  “I have two best friends.”

Me: “Aww, that’s so sweet, Ezra, that Eva and Snowflake are your best friends.”

Ezra: “Yes, thank you, Mommy, for getting Snowflake for us.”

This is just one example from this week of how sweet my Ezra is.  Of course he isn’t always sweet and sometimes drives me crazy (when he teases his brother and makes him scream) but I can’t believe what a nice little gentleman he has turned out to be.  I want to bottle up his radiant smile and the light in his eyes; these are the moments I want to remember always.

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