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Monthly Archives: April 2014

On thinking God owes me…

That ache is in my heart again, that longing feeling for something.  Like the world is going on without me, I’ve been forgotten.  I keep striving but my efforts yield no fruit. This past Sunday in our Sunday School class we learned all about the Ten Commandments, and one really stood out to me.  Don’t covet.  I’m […]

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A found post…

I found this post tonight, in my drafts from November 2012.  Thought I’d share… —- The clouds came down and touched the earth yesterday, and I fumbled around, feeling my way. I remembered the blue sky, the clarity, how I could see for miles.  For a moment, I longed for this.  I wanted to see, […]

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Ordinary & Holy

My boys were sick last weekend.  First Ezra, on Saturday morning and then Isaac through Saturday night and on Sunday (and randomly on Monday night… at the top of McDonald’s play place…).  I hate when my children are sick but I feel so connected to them as their mother as I care for them during […]

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My Ezra

It was a beautiful day today so we went out to the park as a family.  On the way home, Ezra asked if he could sit in Isaac’s seat in the stroller, and he wanted me to turn the seat around so he could face me.  On our walk home I asked, “Ezra, who is […]

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