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Last night the kids and I spent some time watching some of the videos I posted to facebook of them.  Agh.  It is so fun to have those little clips to look back on of the kids at different times in their lives.  I’m not a huge video person, so I don’t take a lot and I post even less, and the ones that we have taken just sit on discs somewhere, not even watched.  How sad is that?  Even worse, I’m a photographer but I haven’t printed any personal photos since BEFORE Eva was born.  Oh my.  I’m overwhelmed thinking of all the work I need to do (and money to spend) on getting the last 7 years of photos printed.

All that being said, I was reminded yet again of how quickly these days and moments and childhoods are going by so I wanted to start blogging more of our lives again, to keep track of things a bit better.

It is amazing to me how much English Isaac could understand before he could speak.  For some time now, I’ve been able to give him instructions and he will completely understand and follow through… although, as he approaches two, the follow-through is happening less and less…

I digress.  Slowly, Isaac is starting to speak and I wanted to document some of his little words before I completely forget all of them!

Isaac’s Words (22 months)

mama, dada, no, ow, uh-oh

googa – for cookie, going to the pantry door and asking me for googas all day long now

oh boo – while holding his bottom, to let me know he did you-know-what

gunn – a true hunter’s son… sigh.

goalllllllll – every time he sees sports on TV

back-it-bah – basketball (this one impresses me, for a 22 month old)

gehn – again

bah – just a plain ball

vroom – any vehicle

baba – puppy especially but also other animals or human babies

deeeee – cheese, when he wants cheese or unfortunately when i hold up a camera (how do they learn this!?)

wawa – water

soo – soother

ma – mine

ow dah – all done

bubbo – bubble

dohhhh – toast

geeko – motorcycle

mom-oh – nemo, used for fish

Someday I’m gonna really miss all his little baby words and I’ll be really glad I have this list.

(Picture is from July, and he has marshmallow on his face.)

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