Eva’s Grade 2 Homeschool 2013-2014

I wrote about Ezra’s curriculum and our first day of school, so now I am going to share about what Eva is doing this year in Grade 2!

Let met tell you, I tossed and turned for months over what school/curriculum to go with for Eva this year.  I’d been looking into Sonlight, School of Hope, and Ambleside Online.  I came full circle and finally decided to register Eva with the School of Hope and to supplement with some classical curriculum from the book The Well-Trained Mind.


Here is a glimpse at where I store all of my homeschool supplies: binders, curriculum books, art supplies, math manipulatives, etc.  It is actually a scrapbooking cart that I got on clearance at Michaels.


I store Eva’s binders up on the shelf and then each drawer on the right of the cart holds her workbooks for various subjects.


One of my goals for this homeschool year was to be organized.  We sorted all the markers, pencils, crayons, pencil crayons, and the glue & scissors and put them each into their own clear (except for one) school supplies container that I bought at Dollarama (of course, where else?).  They are all stored in the larger top drawer on the left of the cart.  The next drawer holds a container of various math manipulatives and the bottom drawer holds various other art supplies.


I chose my own bible curriculum and we are reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible on the iPad (I got it for really cheap one day, like $3).  I love this bible.  Even in all the Old Testament stories, it always points to Jesus and really clarifies a lot of details that would be harder for young children to grasp.  It also has beautiful pictures.  I hope to get this in print some day!  After we read our bible story, Eva spends some time journaling what she remembers most or what stood out to her.  I love watching that part!  We are also going through Leading Little Ones to God (which helps to nurture a child’s personal relationship with God) and I Heard Good News Today (which shares various missionary stories).   I also am really interested in going through Our 24 Family Ways but I haven’t worked it into our routine yet.  I love Sally & Clay Clarkson and it looks like an awesome resource.


Every night before bed, I’ve been getting Eva to draw in her journal about her day.  She then dictates to me and I write down what she said.  Eventually I will get her writing it on her own, but she still gets very overwhelmed when she has to write for a long time so for now I’m doing it for her.


The first picture shows Eva’s three binders, divided up by subjects.  The second picture shows what we are using for Language Arts.  We received a full Alberta curriculum from the School of Hope, so they sent Modern Curriculum Press Plaid Phonics, Spelling Power and the Step Out reader which is the first reader in a set of three.  They also send Home Educator’s Guides for every subject so I know exactly what to say and how to teach each lesson for each subject!  It makes it very simple for me!  I decided to add First Language Lessons For The Well-trained Mind Level 1-2nd Ed and Complete Writer Writing With Ease Level 1 Workbook as recommended from the Well-Trained Mind (you should definitely check out WTM if you are interested in classical homeschooling!).  Lastly, for Social we are using Our World: Canadian Communities (as supplied by School of Hope) and we are studying ancient history by going through The Story Of The World (as recommended by the Well Trained Mind).  I am super excited to learn all about the story of the world, and so far the book is really awesome.


We have a huge basket of library books and Eva is quickly filling up her reading log.  I can’t believe how fast she can read now!  Most of the books in here are seasonal, but we will soon be adding some that supplement our world history curriculum.


We are also reading the third book in the Little House on the Prairie series, which goes by the same title.  And we are trying our hand at lapbooks for the first time!  I’m excited to see this come together.  Usually I read a chapter at bedtime, and once the boys are asleep (Eva gets to stay up a bit later than them) then she will get to fill our her lapbook pages.


This is another cart that i got on clearance at Michaels, for only $17.50!  It’s mostly full of various educational toys for Isaac and Ezra to play with during school.  The basket on top holds various encyclopedias and other educational books.


I got one of these locker totes from Target and keep most of my teacher books in there, at least ones I’m not really using yet.  At frst I was holding all of them in there but now I’m storing most of mine on the first cart.


This is how I’m keeping myself organized this year.  I made myself a pretty little home management binder.  It’s my first time ever really having one of these so I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it, but for now, this is how it goes.  You can see that I’ve done a lot of menu planning so far…



In addition, we are also going to be doing Nature Studies this year.  We haven’t done any yet, but this Friday we are heading out on our first nature walk and Eva will be picking up various natural items to research and artfully record in her Nature Journal.  We are using the Handbook of Nature Study (which I have on the iPad, but borrowed from the library) to learn more about our findings.



I also bought this amazing chalkboard this is going to be hung in our kitchen where our beloved Tallinn picture is.  Don’t worry Tallinn, you will be moved to another spot in the house where we can still look at you and dream of when we will return!  I can’t wait to get my chalkboard hung up!


And finally, here are some books I recommend you check out if you are interested in homeschooling.  They are all lovely.  (Educating the Wholehearted Child, The Well-trained Mind, and When Children Love to Learn: A Practical Application of Charlotte Masons Philosophy for Today.

I am by no means an expert on homeschooling but this is what our family is up to for this year!


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5 thoughts on “Eva’s Grade 2 Homeschool 2013-2014

  1. Kait

    Could your homeschool set up be a little more cute?! Love it!!


    1. chelsey

      Thank you, Kait!


  2. Ruth

    We love Story of the World. I totally recommend the CD’s that go with it. I love your organizing. It was easy with one last year, not so this year with three. Did you homeschool last year?


    1. chelsey

      I homeschooled last year from January on. It is hard with the little ones around. This year I am also doing some preschool stuff with Ezra so I find myself spinning in circles a bit as I try to teach Eva, deal with the little brothers and show Ezra stuff too. I’m hoping it gets easier and easier as they get more and more used to the new routines — and as I do too!


  3. Haleigh Oberkirsch

    Hey Chelsey!

    Such a cute home school set up! How is your home management binder working? Also, the math makes sense books are what we use in SK too. How do you like the workbook for Eva?



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