First Day of School

We had our first day of school on Monday. Originally I wanted to start on September 3, the same as the public school system. Actually, I thought about starting in August but I clearly wasn’t ready for that since I didn’t even start Sept 3! I decided to start September 9, but Eva’s books didn’t even arrive til the 10th! Peter had the first week of September off and was at home so we did a lot of stuff together as a family, which was great — but not so great for my planning and organizing for homeschool! So I spent the 9-15 getting those busy bins ready and wrapping my mind around Eva’s curriculum for a September 16 start. Here’s a glimpse into our first day:

Classic first day of school picture on the front steps.

They are so excited!

We started our day with physed! Eva used her hula hoop as a jump rope for a little while and then we went on a walk to the park!


Working on their daily notebooks from Confessions of a Homeschooler. They love doing the dry erase pages!

Math: Learning about attributes and sorting based on different attributes. You can’t see, but there’s a Venn diagram drawn on that page.

Eva working on her bible notebook, and the two of them working on their daily notebooks again.

We had a great first day and even better second day, yesterday! The first day was slightly chaotic as we got back into the routine of school and as I helped Ezra navigate his busy bins and preschool notebook. And Isaac kept getting into stuff or was just fussing while sitting on my lap! I’m trying to ease into the work, so we covered physed, LA, math and bible. Yesterday both boys played very well with their activities and Eva and I were able to cover a lot of material with minimal interruptions. We managed bible, LA, math and social studies. Physed came later in more of a lifestyle form: helping Peter set up his home office and running around like crazy because of the excitement of having Isaac move into their room (yes, three in one room)! I hope to do a post soon on what books/curriculum we are using. I’m off to have a great third day!

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  1. Carmelle

    Thanks for sharing Chelsey! Wishing you and your family many blessings and little miracles over your first official homeschooling year. I can’t wait until your next post!


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