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I’m doing an odd thing tonight.  I took pictures of Eva and Isaac in the backyard (Ezra was already asleep in bed) and now I’m blogging.  I’m actually taking some time to do some things that I used to do for fun.  Sometimes taking pictures just isn’t even enjoyable for me anymore.  Okay, taking pictures is enjoyable but then they just sit on my hard drive.  I haven’t even edited any personal pictures since last July.  Last July, people!  I almost don’t even remember how to edit.



I can’t believe it’s the end of August 2013 right now.  Eva is about to start second grade.  It feels like I just updated the blog to let everyone know she was born.  Or Peter updated it actually.  Facebook wasn’t even available to non-students at that point, blogging was how we communicated to those far away.  Now she’s going into second grade and we have two other kids.  I was talking with my best friend, Kelli, about this just today.  I don’t know how we got here, how we got to this point where we are basically done having kids, the mystery has unfolded and here we are, this is our family.  Wasn’t I just expecting our first?



Isaac’s first two years have flown by.  He’s not two yet but just yesterday he turned 20 months (yes, I’m still counting his months, he’s my baby after all) and it actually just hit me that he really isn’t a baby at all any more.  It really sucker punched me.  He’s almost two.  Two!  Two whole years!  Eva was potty trained by 2.5, she seemed so big then and here my baby is almost two, he still feels little to me.   But he’s almost two.  Two years away from pregnancy and newborn-ness.  I just weaned him this week.  It’s probably why I feel so emotional about all this.  I thought the first haircut was a step toward maturity for him (it was just a couple months ago and really changed his look to be more little-boy-ish, not baby-ish) but now, being weaned, this is it.  He really doesn’t have any ties left to babyhood (except that soother, next on the list… but not yet… for both our sakes.)



I’m really just rambling.  Look at this little blonde head, don’t you just want to kiss it?





Quit growing so fast, Isaac.



I love you, dear baby boy of mine.




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