Isaac is 11 months old!


Dear Isaac – You are a man on the move.  A few days after I posted your 10 month letter I saw you out of the corner of my eye take two “crawls” on your hands and knees.  Since then, you’ve been doing it more and more and you are even a little stompy when you do it.  It’s pretty cute.  You sit on your knees a lot now, which is so cute (especially from behind).  Another cute thing you do it put an item in your mouth, like a block, and then just keep it there like a soother and play with other toys.  That one makes me laugh.  I have to get a picture of it before you outgrow it.


You’re not really standing on your own yet.  You’ll stand if we prop you up and you are holding onto something, but you still can’t be trusted there.  I’m okay with that.  I know you’ll get there and the longer you are my “baby”, the better for my poor mama heart.  You have been getting really goofy lately, really playful, and making all sorts of squeaks and squeals that are so fun.


Your hair curls after your bath (I keep wondering if it will curl like Eva’s did but I’m not sure it will).  You love the bath too, especially now that you are more mobile.  You have been getting quite adventurous in there, splashing around and trying to pull up on the ledge of the tub.


You haven’t done a whole lot of changing since last month, but I still can’t believe that the next time I write you a letter it will be for your birthday.  I think this has to be the fastest year of my entire life.  I’m so glad I got to spend it with you, you are amazing and I love you!

Love, Mama.

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