Stitches – Eyes to See – Day 20

I heard the footsteps behind me, and then there was the sickening thud of a little boy’s head smacking into the hard tile floor. I ran over, put the baby I had been holding down on the floor and scooped Ezra into my arms, carrying him away from the life group bible study that was happening. Blood was spilling out of a cut on his ear, onto his shirt and into my hands and we knew that we had to take him in to see the doctor.

The doctor took one look at him and declared that he needed stitches, and Peter and I both knew, this wasn’t going to be a fun night. Peter held Ezra down, and I tried to be there for him too (until I came too close to fainting while holding Isaac) and Ezra screamed and fought as hard as little body could fight while they administered anesthetic and gave him three stitches. My mama heart broke as I saw my little boy pinned down on a table by his father and a nurse, a little boy who was so scared and confused, screaming and fighting to get away from all of this. I imagined him thinking, “Why are you doing this to me? What’s going on? It hurts so much! I don’t want to do this, I want to go home!” but all he could say was “Daddy, hurt! Hurt, Daddy!”


I wanted to scoop him right up and take him away from all of his pain and never let anything hurt him again. But I knew, we all knew, except him, that the stitches were a means to an end. We weren’t meaning to further hurt him but stitches were necessary to make sure everything healed properly, the stitches were causing pain and fright now, but they would make everything better in the long run.

And I thought about how my Heavenly Father might feel the exact same way when He, who sees the greater plan, the bigger picture, and knows what’s best for me, has to put me through something temporarily painful to get better. The Great Physician does what’s best for me despite my kicking, screaming and pleading, and stitches me up.

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