He Holds Me – Eyes to See – Day 9

I’ve been sitting here, staring at my computer screen for about 45 minutes now.  I’ve been reading scripture, and pondering God and thinking about what I want to say today.  It’s not that I have nothing to say about him, or that I haven’t seen him doing anything in my life today.  I just don’t know how to find the words right now to express my true gratitude to our huge, powerful, loving God.  Everything I start to write just seems trite.  And who am I anyway?  I’m this insignificant little speck, and yet he knows me, he loves me, he meets with me every day, he guides my life, he holds me.

(I tried to find the original image to give credit, but I couldn’t, so forgive me.)

There’s been some stuff going on in my family, and it’s not my story to share here, but it hasn’t been easy on my heart.  I found great peace when a friend reminded me to just let God hold my heart.  I just loved thinking about that, about this huge God who created everything and is in everything and knows everything… and yet he holds my heart.  I thought about being a little kid, and just needing the comfort of climbing up onto your mama’s lap and letting her hold you until you felt better, and that is exactly what we have in God, and exactly what I felt that night.

The next day I came across this image and it was just too perfect for what my friend and I had just been talking about.

The hands that made the stars are holding my heart, through good times and bad, when I’m changing diapers or when I’m on an overseas mission.  When I’m biting my tongue or when I’m boldly proclaiming.  Whether I’m being sinful or spirit-led, he holds my heart.  He who made the stars, the galaxies, the sea creatures, the sunrise, the mountains, the rain, the human body, babies — and is at work in all of it… yet he holds me, knows me, loves me.

What can be written about someone like that?

This post is a part of a 31 day series in which I write about the extraordinary in my ordinary moments. To see a list of all the other posts, click here.

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