13 Stats after 8 Years of Marriage

8 years.
2920 days.
70, 080 hours.

3 kids.
3 cats.

100s of fights.
and make ups.

3 cities.
7 homes.

3 ministry positions.
3 summer mission trips to Estonia.
1 business.

a handful of times i wanted to give up.

65 = the number of anniversaries i still want to spend with you.


Happy 8th Annviersary, to my sweetie Petey.








(I can’t take credit for this post, it was adapted from here.)

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2 thoughts on “13 Stats after 8 Years of Marriage

  1. mama

    AWWWW, this does a mother’s heart so good! Thanks for the post Chelsey, and the reassurance of love for your man, my son! I am so grateful that God has brought you two together, I know he has big plans for you and is already using you in so many ways to bless the lives of those around you! Have a wonderful anniversary, this is great! Mama


  2. Hafiz

    LOOOOVE the big tree, little pepole photo!!And, close up they look so relaxed and, I don’t know how to say it exactly but suited like they belong together and are happy about it. Right to the core. Lovely.


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