Isaac is 9 months old!

Dear Isaac,

You are nine-months-old now and as of your 8.5 month check up (your first with the dr, whoops! At least we have been taking you to the public health nurse for shots and the midwives followed up with you in the first 6 weeks) you weigh 23lbs and are 73cm tall. Even though you were my smallest baby (8lbs 5oz at birth) you are following the same chunky baby pattern as your brother and sister. I haven’t written you a letter in three months, so you have changed so much since the last time I wrote! When this picture above was taken, you could barely sit up. Daddy was just outside of the frame and ready to catch you if you’d fall back. Now, you are a pro at sitting! You can even get yourself down on to your tummy from sitting with relative ease. You roll yourself all over the place and in the last week have even started army crawling! Once you started army crawling, it didn’t take you long to start trying to get up on your knees. For now, you can get up on your knees and one hand, but you can’t quite get your other arm up and just rest on your forearm. You rock back and forth and don’t really know what else to do with yourself, so you go down onto your tummy again and propel yourself forward.

As you can see from this image, not only have you started solid food (which you took to very well!) but you have also moved on to table food. I love you just as much as the other two Isaac, but I just wasn’t able to make you your baby food purees. You are the first baby of mine who was fed commercialized baby food full time, but I think you’ll be okay, haha. You seem to just eat everything up and enjoy almost everything! I love listening to your little “Mmmm mmmm mmm” as you eat, and it also is a warning sign to me if you have picked up and tasted something while you are on the floor!

Here you are on the baby blanket I made you. I’m sorry it took me until you were 7 months to do it. You just came so early, I had planned to make it after Christmas but then you were here and I had no time! I think you forgave me pretty quickly. In July we flew to Saskatchewan for Great Grandma’s 80th birthday party (and when I saw we, I mean me alone with you kids! Yikes!) and then we went out to the Bailey’s cabin in Invermere, BC for a week.

August flew by in a flash and before I knew it you were 8 months old and I kept saying “I have to write to Isaac again before I forget everything!” and here we are, 9 months old and I’m just getting to it. Life has been so busy with you three little people. You have two little teeth now on the bottom, and you appear to get your teeth in the same fashion as your brother and sister: all of a sudden a tooth appears and there it is and we move on with life. No fussing or anything. Molars might be a different story but when you were 7 months your first one appeared and then a couple days later the second one showed up right beside it. I was sad to say goodbye to that gummy smile, but who can resist a baby with two little bottom teeth? No one.

You love when Daddy plays his guitar and sings to you. You seem to be really drawn to any music.

You say things like “mama” and “dada” but I don’t know much connection you make between the words and who your parents are. It is super sweet, none-the-less, and breaks my heart when you say it while crying. Especially when you are strapped in your car seat and we are driving and I can’t do anything to help you!

I started sleep training with you about a week ago. When you started solid food you suddenly starting sleeping these long stretches, the only one of my babies to do that (must be that jarred food), but after a few days you told yourself you wanted mama’s milk to put you back to sleep every hour. So, that was exhausting. When Daddy went away hunting in the mountains and Nana was here visiting, I finally got up the nerve to let you cry it out. They say that’s bad for babies but I’ve tried everything else and always end up relying on the cry it out method to finally get my babies to sleep, so if you end up with some kind of attachment disorder or any other kind of issues when you are older you can just blame it on this. I know my parents formula fed me and also let me cry it out, and I totally blame that for everything that’s wrong with me as a person. (Okay, you must know I’m teasing again). It just took three nights and not a ton of crying at all and you started sleeping all night and Mama was so very happy. It feels good to sleep through the night again, I’m sure you must feel better too.

You are still just the happiest, cuddliest, cutest, chubbiest little thing and as I say every month I can’t believe how old you are getting. Three months til Christmas, three months til your (and Eva’s) birthday! I know this fall is going to go fast, and before I know it you’ll be one and I’ll be crying over not having babies in the house anymore.

There you are, today, 9 months old.

You’ll always be my baby! I love you sweet Isaac!

Love Mama xo

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  1. mama

    Amazing photos of an amazing little man, I love you Isaac, so so very sweet and precious and growing so fast! HUGS from Grandma!


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