A Week in Photos – Week 38 – Project 365


September 17, 2012 – napping on mama, soother dangling.


September 18, 2012 – after we practiced her sight words and sounds, Eva made sentences.  Ezra was eager to say all the words and sounds along with Eva too :)


September 19, 2012 – Dr appt for Isaac!  (ps – how cute is he here?)  8.5 months, 73 cm, 10.6 kg (23lbs).



September 20, 2012 – Eva had her first day of ballet!  I am so excited for her :)



September 21, 2012 – Me rocking Isaac in the bentwood rocker I restyled.  Now that he sleeps in his own room, I am finally putting that rocker to use.  And here is Ezra at supper time: arms, legs, and mouth covered in lasagna.  I left before supper was over to go to Youth Group, so I’m sure Miss Linda had a fun time cleaning him up.


September 22, 2012 – laughing at daddy during his bed time snack.  He was so tired that he was fussing, then daddy would make him laugh and then he’d go right from laughter into whining again.  Poor babe!


September 23, 2012 – Drawing in church!

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One thought on “A Week in Photos – Week 38 – Project 365

  1. mama

    Love these little ones, so so much, love how you share their moments! Love you! Thanks Chels…you are all in my heart and in my prayers! Mama


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