Isaac is 6 months old!

Isaac, my handsome little man, another month has come and gone!  In this last month, you have changed so much!  You are really growing up so very quickly and it is hard on my mama heart!  I love spending every day with you, you are just such a sweet little thing to have around.  So pudgy, squishy, and full of smiles.  You still nurse lots at night, but I just bring you into bed and let you (and me) fall back asleep.  I’m getting pretty tired of that, but I know that someday soon you will sleep and I will too.  I look forward to that!  You can sit for a few moments on your own before toppling over, and you are getting pretty good at rolling over from your back to your tummy — you can even get at least one, sometimes both, of your arms out from under you as you roll.  You love playing with toys now, and having something to hold and explore in your hands and mouth.  You are awake for much longer during the day now, but still have been having 3-4 small naps a day.  I’m hoping soon that will morph into 2 bigger naps a day, that would be nice!  It seems as soon as I get you down you are up again!  You just had your 6 month needles and you weighed 20lbs and 7oz, 71 cm (28 inches)  long, and 45cm head circumference.  You just had to get one needle this time and you fussed for about 5 seconds and then were done with it, no crying whatsoever.  Tough little guy!  You and I went on a trip to Saskatchewan for mommy to work this past month, so you had your first flight!  You nursed on the way up and then slept the entire flight, both there and back!  We also went to Minot, North Dakota, so you have now been to the United States.  So far in your little life you have been to BC, AB, SK, MB and now USA.  You just started on solid food yesterday, you had rice cereal for the first time, just a few days into being 6 months old.  Then today you had sweet potatoes and some water from a sippy cup!  I don’t know what you think of it yet.  You do a lot of reaching for the spoon at first and you were even getting a little mad when I would hold your hands down so you wouldn’t whack the spoon all over the place.  I could tell for a while now that you have been ready for food, you’ve been watching me when I eat, following my fork from my plate to my mouth and back again, and always reaching for my drinks whenever I’m holding you and trying to drink something.  I wasn’t really ready to start you on solid food, mostly because I’m not ready for you to be this old yet and also because solid food changes your diapers, if you know what I mean, and I’m not really looking forward to THAT either.  Right now, as I type this, you are napping on the couch beside me, your little eyelashes all lined up and your cheek smushed into the cushion and your little lips making a sucking motion every few moments even though your soother fell out a while ago.  I love you.

Love Mama xo

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