Estonia 2012


We went to the airport yesterday to send Bethany and Dayna off to Estonia. They are going to be in Estonia for the next 6 weeks, participating in Camp Balchyoca, and then ministering to the Tallinn and Tartu churches, as well as partaking in another camp in Lithuania. For the past two years, at this very time, I myself have been flying away to Estonia and it was very hard to send my friends off and not go with them! Peter and I felt very strongly at the end of last summer that we were supposed to stay home from Estonia the summer of 2012. It was easy to listen to the Spirit then, and after two busy years of planning, training for, and participating in mission trips, we were looking forward to a simple summer at home. Now that it’s here, my heart hurts so badly and desires to be in Estonia this summer too… it is not as easy to accept God’s will. But I know that His ways are best, and for whatever reason, even if it is just rest, I know that obeying Him is the best choice for our family right now. Who knows, maybe he has something big planned for us this summer that we don’t even know about yet?

Either way, I’ll be here, participating in the Estonia mission through prayer. I’ll be thinking of and praying for all of you there in Estonia this summer!


(wearing his Estonian hat, brought home to him from Estonia last year from Beth)



Dayna and Bethany – we are so proud of you and your hearts for God and his work in Estonia. Love you ladies!


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