Mother’s Day

I am grateful for these three little souls who gave me the name Mother.

(I recently was given a beautiful gift from my friend, Brittany. She came to spend the day with us and she documented what my version of motherhood looks like. All of the above images are credited to her. If you would like to see more from our day, please visit her personal blog here.)

If you follow me on Facebook or know me very well, then you’ve probably heard of Stephanie Nielson (aka NieNie). She is a lovely mama from the States with a lovely blog, and in the summer of 2008 she was flying in a private airplane with her husband and his flight instructor when their plane went down. The pilot was killed and both Stephanie and her husband Christian suffered serious trauma, with Stephanie having burns to 80% of her body. Her already inspiring blog became even more inspiring as we watched her recover and overcome so many difficulties and trials since the accident.

This past April, the Nielsons added a fifth baby to their family, a miracle baby after everything that Stephanie’s body has been through. On Friday, Stephanie posted this video that her cousin made of her and her new baby Charlotte. It is absolutely beautiful and I thought it would be perfect to share on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mamas out there.


I seriously can’t watch it without tearing up.

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