A Week in Photos – Week 17 – Project 365

April 21, 2012 – Bad night. Ezra cried out off and on from bedtime until about midnight (maybe more, but I finally was able to fall asleep and didn’t hear anything). He cried out at 3:50am and I went to check on him and he was sitting up and ready to go. I refused to get up for the day and made him stay in bed. He cried out a few more times but I just kept telling him to go to sleep. I couldn’t sleep after that, Peter was away for the night and I was afraid I wouldn’t hear him if he got out of bed because I was so tired and I thought I might fall into a deep sleep. I was up til 5:30, then woke up at 7:45 to Eva and she told me Ezra was sleeping in front of their bedroom door!



April 22, 2012 – This two were taken less than 30 seconds apart. 


April 23, 2012 – Walking to vote!  We went to the school where we voted for the federal election to discover that we were supposed to vote at the school half a block from our house.  It was a nice walk :)


April 24, 2012 – Three on a couch!  Love these little people.


April 25, 2012 – Nap time!  He constantly refuses to let me take his sweater off.  Have to wait until he’s asleep to do it!


April 26, 2012 – Isaac turns four months old.  Isn’t he incredibly cute?


April 27, 2012 – Eva drawing kitty cats for Ezra to color.

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One thought on “A Week in Photos – Week 17 – Project 365

  1. Kimberley Bye

    Oh my goodness Chelsey! Loved all the pictures and yes, Isaac is incredably cute! They are all so adorable! On our way to regina and heard my phone ping from your post! Glad I checked. Thank you dear, precious daughter of mine! :)


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