Isaac is two months old!


Isaac, I’ve been blessed with another month with you, and what a wonderful month it has been.  You have been getting smilier and smilier and mommy and daddy both love it so much.  When you were 5.5 weeks you had your first “for-sure” smile.  You smiled and mom and dad when you were just 3 weeks old but we hadn’t really seen anything since then, so maybe that was just a flukey day.  But for sure at 5.5 weeks you gave us a smile.  We don’t have to work as hard or make such fools of ourselves to get a grin out of you anymore and that is  nice!  Your big sister and big brother also really enjoy your smiles, we all just enjoy you so much in general.   Of course, I am the one who gets to spend the most time snuggling you as I am your food source and I am so thankful to have that to bond us together. You came so much earlier than expected (2 whole weeks before the due date) and we didn’t even have a name picked out for you when you were born!  This past month I have really noticed myself just feeling so much more used to you and more used to using your name.  You don’t feel as foreign to me, you are just more and more a part of this family every single day.


Earlier in the month we had some really nice weather for February (13 degrees!), so we all went for a walk to the park.  This was your first outdoor walk and you did well — just slept the entire time!  So far, you seem pretty happy in your car seat whether we are in the car, stroller or shopping cart, as long as we keep you moving.  You are just such a nice, easy baby.  You hardly fuss, and only really cry when you want to be fed or held.  You are pretty patient, and I guess you just have to be since you are the third baby.  Sometimes you just have to wait.


On February 7, you had your 6 week check up and final appointment with the midwives.  You weighed in at 10lbs 14oz (4933g) — just five ounces (142g) more than Ezra was at birth.  Essentially, with your big brother, I gave birth to a six week old.  I am so glad you were smaller, it was just that much easier on your old mom.  I guess technically, since you were early and Ezra was late, he was a whole month more developed than you were when he was born!  Your head was 39cm (34cm at birth) and you were 55cm long!


Up until this last week you had been sleeping relatively well, usually 4 hour chunks at a time.  Last Saturday, at almost 8 weeks old you slept 7 hours and that was delicious.  You slept about 4 hours and I just rocked you for a bit and put you back down thinking you’d only sleep for 5 minutes more, but you slept 3 more hours!  What a surprise for mommy to have the first night feeding be at 5:30am.  I would really love it if you’d start doing that every night.  Lately your nose has been all stuffed up at night and I think that’s what’s bothering you and causing you to wake more.  Not really sure, but I wouldn’t mind if it stopped soon!


February 9, 10, 11 Mommy was on her own for the weekend with the three kiddos while Daddy was away at the Fire & Ice Winter Retreat with the teens and we managed to survive and then you celebrated your first Valentine’s Day by wearing one of your red cloth diapers.  After that, Auntie Joy came for a visit for the weekend and you got to spend lots of time snuggling her!  On Family Day we went to the Calgary Olympic Park and watched Daddy and Eva skate with Olympic medalist Joannie Rochette and now it’s almost the end of February somehow and you are 2 whole months old!

I am so very thankful for you my sweet little boy and I hope that no matter what you always know that I love you so very much.  I love feeling the weight of you on my chest and your warm, fuzzy little baby head against my cheek.  I love your smiles, and your little coos that are just starting to come.  I love the way you settle when you hear my voice and that you just simply enjoy being with me.  I am excited to watch you grow and get to know you that much more.

Love, Mama

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  1. Kimberley Bye

    This is so cool, to have all this wrote down and the kids can read this when grown! What a gift to them! And pictures included :) it’s also a gift to me and so many others:) I enjoy the updates because I love these little people too! <3


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