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Heavy Weight


Isaac’s weight has been all over the place since he was born. As I mentioned before, he lost 12% of his birth weight by New Year’s Eve, just 5 days old. I thought I’d record his weights since birth, probably mostly for my own interest and record-keeping, but in case anyone else was interested too.

Birth Weight – 3760g/8lbs 5oz
Dec 31 – 3312g/7lbs 5oz
Jan 1 – 3378g/7lbs 7oz
Jan 3- 3355g/7lbs 6oz
Jan 6 – 3550g/7lbs 13oz
Jan 12 – 3790g/8lbs 6oz


At his last check up on Thursday, the 12th, my midwife said he’s on track for healthy weight gain and unless any concerns arise, Isaac doesn’t need to see the midwives until his 6 week (and final, sniff) check up.

I can’t believe that my time is almost up again with the midwives. This pregnancy seemed to go by so quickly, I feel like I kind of missed it! I guess that happens the more kids you have, you have less time to float around in pregnant bliss. After Ezra was born and I had my last check up with the midwives, I told them that I was going to miss seeing them all the time! They said, “Well, you’ll have to have another baby!” Even though I knew then that we’d try for a third baby at some point, no one is ready to really think about it at 6 weeks post-partum! I said, “Ahh, I was thinking maybe we’d just go for coffee!”

This time, it’s uncertain whether we will try for more children or if we are done so I feel a certain sadness over these potentially “last” appointments. Everything feels like a goodbye and a door closing and I’m just not sure I’m ready for it.

Isaac plumping up.

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