Resolutions for the New Year

I didn’t make any formal resolutions this year. Obviously from my last post, I plan to live a simple life striving for close fellowship with God. But that’s not really a resolution for the new year, it’s more of a daily resolution.

I do have a couple goals for this year though. The first is the one mentioned above, and one way I’m doing that is through signing up for the One Year Bible Plan on the YouVersion app on my iPhone. My friend, Kelli, and I are reading it together. (We have also done the Bible in 90 Days plan and a Beth Moore study together. It is so nice to have someone to help keep you accountable and to have discussions with!)


Secondly, I plan to have a super boring year. No overseas trips, no crazy busy summer, and working very little. Lots of family time and regular, fun kid stuff. It’s gonna be a “boring” year and it’s gonna be awesome.


Thirdly, a major goal of mine for this year is to put all of my photos into photo books and also make up all three kids first year photo books. This literally might take me all year, but I am determined to accomplish it. I also plan to take more pictures of our day-to-day family life. I know now that we have three kids there are supposed to be less and less pictures (and already, I totally see how that happens!) but I feel the need to fight against the phenomenon and try to take as many pictures as possible. Maybe not the best, perfect images, but still something. Even if it’s just the iPhone camera. Oh, and blogging lots too. I recently read through a bunch of old posts from Eva’s first year and I loved it so much. I love how this blog is a record of our lives and I love being able to look back and see where we’ve come from. I may need to make a blog-to-book photo book too :)


So there you have it. Three goals for my new year: walking closely with God, having an awesomely “boring” year, and documenting life digitally and in print.

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