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Naming a human is hard. I even have trouble naming a cat, and a human is so much more than a cat. This is someone’s life.

I can find names that I like easy enough, but then there’s that guy, the husband, ya know, the father. It is my experience that that guy usually wants a say in the matter.

One thing Peter and I have agreed upon since the very beginning of our time naming humans is that we want to pick very meaningful names, not just names we like the sound of. We have also wanted the middle names to honor someone from our families or someone important to us.

Isaac means laughter. Isaac was the promised child to Abraham & Sarah. Sarah said that God had given her laughter (Genesis 21:6) which has always been a favorite verse of mine. Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac and with great faith he was about to do so until the angel stopped him. It was because of this display of faith and obedience that God chose to make his covenant through Abraham, promising Abraham descendants upon descendants through which all nations will be blessed. You and I today are blessed through the covenant that was made that day.

Vincent is after my Uncle who was killed when his dirt bike collided with a vehicle during his 11th birthday party. Vincent also means conqueror, which reminds me of Romans 8:37: “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”  We have known for some time that this would be Isaac’s middle name, even before we knew what his first name would be!

So that is the story behind Isaac Vincent’s name!


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3 thoughts on “About Isaac’s Name

  1. vivrob

    Thanks for sharing that. I love the name! I hope you are both doing well. Love you!


  2. Erin L.

    Love. Love him. Love you. Love your family!!!! I can NOT believe all that has taken place since I last read your blog! You have gone from a family of four to a family of five. This is huge. I read Jeff some of the birth story and how you guys just got in your car and came on back to Calgary a couple of days later. We just don’t know many families that could pull that off as gracefully as I’m sure you guys did. Wow. We are both incredibly impressed. I told Selah that Eva has a new baby brother. Of course, this was a little difficult for her to grasp because when we moved Ezra was only a few months old. “ANOTHER brother?!?!?” Selah asked. “How could that happen?? So, now Eva has two baby brothers??”

    SOOOO wish I could be there to love on those babies and bring you a meal or two. (That’s pretty much all I’m good at….remember?:) ) Love you so much. Congratulations!!!!


    1. chelsey

      I always wait for your comments, Erin! I miss you lots and wish you were here to love on my babies and ME and cook me a delicious meal too :) maybe you should come visit! We need to skype soon!!!!


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