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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Christmas Eve

All of Thursday was spent running errands, doing laundry, and cleaning the house in preparation for the trip to Regina. I didn’t have too many things on my to-do list but they all took me way longer to do than expected, so I was still up til midnight packing and getting last minute things ready. […]

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Just sitting here.

I’m just sitting here on the couch while Ezra reads books and Eva draws at the kitchen table. I’m trying to stay off my feet this week. We are going to Regina for Christmas and I want the baby to stay in until we get home. It’s nice to have permission to sit and relax. […]

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It’s like an unwritten rule of toddlers that if you put them to bed late they just wake up earlier in the morning. Last night I took the kids to the Ignite Christmas party, which ended at 9:30, so we didn’t get home until 10:00. Ezra fell asleep about a block from our house and […]

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This all feels really familiar. The twinkle and glow of lights, the anticipation of Christmas day — and an early January due date. Five years ago, we were at the beginning. So much was unknown as we began the journey of parenthood. Five years later, so much is still unknown but so much has unfolded. […]

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{w}hole – Book Review

I recently read the book {w}hole by Lisa Whittle — a book about all the holes we have in our lives and what we use to fill them.  I was very interested in reading this book as I know that I have tons of holes and have spent the majority of my life filling them up with […]

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Jesus Calling – Book Review

A little while ago I received an opportunity to review Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  I took a look at the book on Amazon and decided it didn’t really seem like my thing, so I was going to turn the opportunity down until I overheard a fellow mom blogger on twitter say that her favourite […]

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36 Week Update

Okay, what to say about being 36 weeks pregnant? Not much has changed from my last update! Though I am still carrying and looking smaller than my other pregnancies, I am starting to feel big. And I get this pinchy leg pain sometimes when I am walking, it’s like someone grabs a nerve in your […]

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I just spent some time reading through our blog from the most recent post back to just before we left for Estonia.  How fun to have this little journal to read, with pictures and stories from our lives?  It has inspired me to get back to blogging our lives a bit more, it really doesn’t […]

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Enough is Enough.

I see them everywhere. They are all over the place — other moms. Moms doing more than me. They are running successful business, posting amazing blogs daily, having multiple children, cooking organically, homeschooling their children, always speaking patiently, getting up early and constantly seeking the Lord, and they are so in love and have amazing […]

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