Food and Pregnancy

So at my last appointment, my midwives suggested that I try to cut out grains as much as possible and definitely refined sugars in an attempt to lower my blood sugar levels and hopefully have a smaller baby and safer delivery. I have never tested positive for gestational diabetes, but my blood sugar levels were very high with both Eva and Ezra. Eva was 8lbs 12.5oz, Ezra was 10lbs 9oz.

So, I’ve been following their recommendation for the last two weeks. What does one eat when they don’t eat grains or sugar? Well, plants and animals, pretty much. The first week was really hard as my body was basically going through detox! I felt so hungry all the time even though I was always eating. I didn’t know if I could do it. After the first week though, my body became more used to not having grains all the time and the new diet was much easier. So here’s a general rundown of things that I eat, because I know that everyone is just dying to know.

First thing in the morning I eat a grapefruit, then in a little bit I make a 2 egg and cheese omelet (sometimes with spinach and tomato if I’m feeling festive), then I’ll just kind of graze all morning. Fruit smoothie (with spinach and flax seed) or banana smoothie with almond milk and flax seed, carrot sticks, or other pieces of fruit. Plain or Greek yogurt and fresh blueberries and strawberries. Lunch is usually some kind of meat and vegetable, whether it is salad or steamed veggies, and supper is the same way, tho different meat and salad. More grazing in the afternoon, almonds, veggies or fruit, and usually my treat is a chai latte or cinnamon dolce latte. Yes there is sugar in there, but not too much considering that’s pretty much the only sugar I have and they always really help to fill me up. Water to drink all day long and two cups of milk at some point too.

I feel really good eating this way and have noticed that I am less dizzy and less bloated. Sorry if that’s TMI. But now when I do have grains, because it is just unavoidable sometimes, I definitely feel my blood sugar spiking and my body feels uncomfortable. And I usually feel really tired afterward too!

So anyway, now I’m on my way to camp for a week where I will not really have any control over what I eat and I’m a little worried about ruining my progress but there’s nothing really I can do about it so I’m just going to go and have an awesome week.

When I feel tempted, I just think of a beauty of delivering a smaller baby and that hope usually gets me through :). Here are some images of food I have been eating.










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