Camp Balchyoca – First Update

Yesterday we were treated to a wonderful surprise! There was a song and dance festival in Tallinn over the weekend at the song festival grounds and on Sunday morning a parade came right up the street that our hotel is on! What a beautiful sight to see so many Estonians in their traditional dress and waving their beautiful flags. Since learning the history of Estonia and watching the documentary “The Singing Revolution”, it was a truly powerful sight to witness the Estonian flag flying so freely in the streets.

Because of the parade, the tramm was shut down so we ended up taking taxis to church at Asunduse. Many countries were united on Sunday: Canada, USA, Estonia, Russia, Israel, Germany and India. How amazing that we are all so different yet the power of Christ’s love brought all of our paths together on that Sunday morning in Tallinn.

In the afternoon we took a bus out to the camp. We finally met with the people in our cabins and camp had officially begun! I have a Jr. Counsellor named Anna and we have 5 girls aged 11-14 in our cabin. All of our girls are Russian and all also speak English except one. It is their first time to the camp and I just pray that God will use me to shine His light into their lives.

We are having quiet time right now before we move on to more activities. Camp is quite busy but I think everyone is getting more comfortable as time goes on and we are having fun!

This afternoon, my reader from last year, Ragne, is going to be baptized! Also, two other readers from last year (one of Stefi’s and one of Peter’s) are also at the camp.

Here are some pictures. Again, sorry if they are a bit out of order!










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2 thoughts on “Camp Balchyoca – First Update

  1. Kim Bye

    Thank you for sharing!! Wonderful times and good things are happening. So proud of you all!


  2. Merlin

    I’m so glad that You got to come ! :)


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