First Day in Tallinn

Back at the hotel after a beautiful day of sunshine and getting acquainted with the lovely city of Tallinn. I think a few people were affected by jet lag last night, either unable to fall asleep or unable to stay asleep.

We started off by having a complimentary breakfast in the hotel and then walked to Tallinn’s Old Town. Tallinn has one of the best preserved Old Town’s in Europe and everyone really seemed to enjoy walking through and taking in the sights.

After a few hours of wandering, we ate at Kompressor, which is an Estonian pancake house. Estonian pancakes are similar to crepes and can be sweet or savory, but always delicious!

We had our camp meeting at 6:30, so we took the tramm up to the Asunduse Church and met with about 40-50 others from Estonia, Russia, USA, and of course, Canada. We played the name game where you say your name, then the person next to you says your name and their name, then the person next to them say your name, the name of the person next to you, their name so on so forth. Even those of our group who were brand new and meeting everyone for the first time did a great job!

We prayed, we sang and we were encouraged by messages from Nikolai (the local minister) and Ron (who was a missionary in Estonia for 15 years but currently resides in the USA). Afterward we fellowshipped with everyone there with some yummy Estonian sweet and savory breads and drinks.

We went for a late supper as a team and we are now back at the hotel for (hopefully) a full night’s rest! Looking forward to going to camp tomorrow and seeing what God has planned for the week!

Thank you so much to those who have supported both Peter and I, as well as our team mates. None of us would be able to be here without your love and support! Please continue to pray for our team and for the local people we are about to meet!






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