Less is More… More or Less.

I have always felt like I need to be doing more.

Especially as a mother.

That motherhood guilt is crazy-strong in me.

There is nothing wrong with striving to be better, and wanting to give more to your children.  But when you start beating yourself up, even hating yourself, for what you cannot yet give, it’s a problem.

I always feel like I should be doing new crafts every day with my children and encouraging them in art.  We should be visiting museums regularly.  We should be reading books every day together.  We don’t always do these things and it is my fault.

The enemies words sear into me, you suckWhat a waste of a person you are.  You are not fit to be the mother of these children.

The other day I lay on my bed with my two children.  I snuggled Ezra as he enjoyed his bottle, and Eva enjoyed jumping on the bed.  We all enjoyed it.  I suddenly realized that I don’t have to do elaborate activities with my children, that these little moments which are so easily created are exactly what my children need. 

Taking the time to be in these moments makes me perfectly fit to be their mother.

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One thought on “Less is More… More or Less.

  1. Ruth

    Thanks Chelsey, I really needed to hear that today.


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