On Striving & Failing.

This is hard.

I haven’t got up early for a few days. Haven’t been praying. Or doing my study.

I’m tired. Especially right now as I lay in bed and feel the weight of the day pressing on me. What a long day. It as a good day, but busy and exhausting.

I snapped at my kids during supper. I felt the pressure of the entire day in that moment and I reached a bit of a breaking point.

It’s not pretty. It’s not easy.. But I admit it. I hope you don’t read this blog and feel like I’ve got it all together, because I don’t.

I wonder at the worth of what I’m striving toward. When I fail. When I’m so tired.

But I know that I’m growing. I know that God is slowly changing me. I know what kind of mom and wife I want to be. And I know it is worth it.

Even though I fail. Even though I want to give up. I know that fighting for a cure is better than lying down and dying.

I hope you know that too.

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2 thoughts on “On Striving & Failing.

  1. kelli

    today i feel defeated. thanks for this reminder <3


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