Life Today

Outside my window… overcast today, but 6 degrees Celcius.

I am thinking…
about business stuff.  Just completed editing a session and uploading a gallery, and setting up the shopping cart on my website for PayPal.

I am thankful for…
early morning time to study and pray, that Ezra is having a good solid nap right now (he was so cranky prior to!) and being able to watch Wall-E with Eva.

From the kitchen…
a mess… again!  We were away all weekend (at Fire & Ice, our winter youth group retreat) and we exploded into the house when we got home.  We are having ribs tonight, so they are thawing in the sink :)

I am wearing… sweats, hoodie, slippers.  I call it “Home Business Casual”.

I am creating… a list in my head of little goals I would like to accomplish around the house, mostly organization of pictures and printing them into albums.

I am going…
to work hard to finish up the editing I have to do!  I hate having work hanging over my head!

I am reading… (same books as last time!)

I am hoping… that we find our new house soon.  It is kind of unnerving to not know where you will live in a couple of months!

I am hearing… Wall-E and Eva munching on popcorn.

Around the house… all is quiet.  Peter and Ezra are napping and Eva and I are downstairs watching a movie.

One of my favorite things… when Eva tells me she thinks I’m the best mommy in the whole world, and gives me a hug and a kiss like she did last night and again today.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
– birthday tea for Dayna & Kaidi tomorrow
– editing, of course!
– house viewings
– Moms & Tots – Wed.
– Young Adults – Thurs.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

With Skype and FaceTime, my kids are growing up with video calling as a normal thing!  How futuristic!

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  1. Trina

    The house on our street is still for rent. :o) And I love the use of the word “exploding” to describe your arrival home. That is totally how it happens here…and it takes me days (and sometimes a week or two) to catch up again!


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