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Here are a couple pictures from our first 10 days in Tartu. We arrived in Tartu the day after camp on Saturday, July 10th and had two information meetings where we signed up 52 readers. On Sunday we got settled, spent time with the Tartu Church members and participated in their worship service with them. We began reading one on one with our 52 readers on Monday, July 12th.  We have pictures of reading sessions as well but they are on everyones cameras right now which I don’t have access to. We’ll post some of them soon. Please feel free to leave comments or encouragements for the team. We would love to hear from you!

The whole team. We had just arrived in Tartu on July 10th. Picture was taken at the Church apartment as we anxiously awaited the beginning of our first information meeting.
A collage of pictures from our first party with our readers and the Church members. There were 36 people there. It was a Canada themed party and was a lot of fun!

Eating lunch with some of the Tartu Church members after service on Sunday, July 18.

– Peter

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