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End of Reading Week #1

(Reposted from, July 17, 2010)

A message from Peter…

Well, I just finished spending 30 minutes writing a very long blog describing our past week and as I went to publish it, the internet disconnected and I lost it all. I’ll try to repeat most of what I had written but am short on time now. Thursday night marked the end of our first week of reading sessions. We capped the week off with a party for all our readers and the Church members. The purpose of these parties is to help us build relationships with our readers in a different environment than reading sessions and more importantly, to help connect our readers to the Church members. Dayna and Stefani planned the entire party on their own and were in charge for the night running the whole show. This is now my third LST trip so i’ve planned and been to many of these parties and I have to say that it was an amazing party on Thursday. We had 26 readers come which is a very good percentage and as the party ended that night around 9pm, I could hardly take the smile off my face i was so proud of our team and blown away by how much was accomplished during our first week. There have actually been many times in these past two weeks where I’ve had the privelidge of watching these 3 young people(Dayna, Stefi, and Everett) and had to hold back tears because of how amazing they are doing and how well they are stretching themselves and growing. I wish I had time to share all of the stories. Just picture Everett teaching a cabin full of boys an action song about the love of Jesus and leading their performance of it on a stage in front of 180 people. I’m currently sitting up at the Church apartment on my own preparing a Bible class, Worship, and Sermon for Church tomorrow and I became suddenly overwhelmed by the impact we have had already on so many lives and we still have two weeks of opportunity to deepen that impact. I want to thank all of you so much for all of your support for us to be here right now. We are only here because of all your prayers, encouragement, and financial help. We begin week 2 of reading sessions tomorrow evening. Our full days of reading run from 10am-9pm Monday-Thursday. On an average day last week we had 27 people in and out of this Church apartment reading the Gospel of Luke and discussing it with us one on one. Most of which know very little about the Christian faith and the incredible message of Jesus. Please keep us in your prayers this week!


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