Camp Balchyoca

(reposted from, July 10, 2010)

I am on the bus now from Tallinn to Tartu, free WiFi on the bus, how cool is that?

We just finished our week at Camp Balchyoca (BALtic CHristian YOuth CAmp).  The theme of camp this year was “God is Love” and there were just over 180 people at camp from all over Estonia and some from Russia.

I think we all may have felt a little overwhelmed when we first arrived at camp, with the language barrier and being in a foreign place, but by the end of the week it was definitely hard for all of us to say goodbye to the many, many new friends we made.

Everett, Dayna & Stefi were all camp counselors and stayed in cabins with Estonian and Russian kids, Peter was a song leader, and on Wednesday, it was our day to deliver the lesson and activities.

For Peter and I, it was especially awesome to watch Everett, Dayna & Stefi go from being nervous about camp and what it would be like at the beginning of the week, to growing such strong relationships with many of the youth at the camp.  On Thursday night there was a talent show, and when we saw Everett on stage dancing and singing with his cabin, we knew that they had all been changed forever!

We also met many people from Tartu that may come to meet with us for lessons.  We are very excited about this because we already have built such a great foundation for friendship while being at camp, and our lessons will only take us deeper.

Soon we will be in Tartu where we will be able to get settled into our own apartments.  Tonight we have our first information meeting where we will meet many of our readers for the first time!

With such growth in the youth in the camp and in ourselves in just one week, we are looking so forward to seeing what will unfold in the next three.

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