Happy One Month Ezra!

Dear Ezra,

I can’t believe it has already been one month since you were born.  It is already hard to remember what life was like without you in our family.  We have loved getting to know you in the last month.  Here are some things that I love about you:

– I love feeling the warmth of your little baby head against my cheek
– I love the funny little movements of your mouth when you are wanting to nurse
– I love your chin dimple and the one we discovered on your right cheek when you smile
– I love your smile
– I love that you take a soother
– I love how patiently you suck your soother while you wait for me to change your diaper in the middle of the night
– I love your curled up little legs
– I love when you arch your back, sticking your bum out
– I love how you calm down when you hear my voice
– I love watching your eyes slowly close as I gently hum you a lullaby
– I love when you fall asleep all on your own, with no help
– I love that you have been sleeping longer and longer every week
– I love how you love staring at our wall hangings, especially our Estonia pictures
– I don’t love when you are this sad, but I do love your sweet little face when your lips point downward and you let out the saddest little cry.
– I love your soft, chubby little cheeks
– I love the quiet time that we share in the morning before everyone else gets up
– I love YOU!

I can’t wait to discover all the things I am going to love about you.

Love, Mama

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6 thoughts on “Happy One Month Ezra!

  1. kelli

    aw i love this. i meant to write a letter every month to luca. but of course never got around to it. perhaps every year? this will be so special for him to read someday! xo


  2. Kim Bye

    simply lovely Chelsey…no love greater than a mother’s love


  3. Jill

    This made me cry! Ezra is such a sweet boy. Babies are a huge blessing <3


  4. Merlin

    … and soon I can hold you also, little Ezra! Happy one month birthday!


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