5 months…

Someone pointed out to me last night that my last blog post was in April… about five months ago!

A lot has happened since then.  Thanks to facebook, most people know this stuff already.

#1. I’m pregnant.  We found out on Father’s Day and told everyone right away.  I am now 17 weeks and can hardly believe that I am almost half-way through this pregnancy.  I’m feeling great so far!

#2. We went to Victoria for two weeks as a family and then I went to Estevan for a week and then we were all at Clearview for a week.  It was a crazy busy summer.

#3. September has also been very busy, with “life as usual” starting back up: moms and tots, youth group, classes… and we are headed to Texas next week for Let’s Start Talking/Friend Speak training.  We will be starting that as soon as we get home.

#4. My mom was just here and we celebrated my 25th birthday at the new mall in town.  Actually the mall is out of town.  But anyway.  It was a great week.  Miss you mom!

#5. Hunting season has started.  Peter got a white tail buck with his bow last Friday night and on Wednesday, while hunting in the Kootenays, he got an elk.  He will be home today.

Okay that is all for now, I promise to come up with something extra in the near future!

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3 thoughts on “5 months…

  1. Janet

    Congratulations! Guess I don’t see you on facebook, I did not know you were expecting. Super happy for you. And hope you win the cloth diapers.


  2. tbug5

    Welcome back…

    missed you blog!

    Have fun in Texas!


  3. Nicola

    Sadly, that new mall will be my mall of choice soon since we’ll be moving closer to Balzac than downtown. Oh well, now you can call me when you’re going and we’ll pop on over and meet you!


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