I decided to skip Eva’s nap yesterday, and some non-listening happened that resulted in a scolding that resulted in Eva sobbing.  Once she settled, I asked her if she needed a snuggle and scooped her into my arms so we could snuggle on the couch.  Her head was on my shoulder and I was playing with her hair and the next thing I knew, she was sleeping.  It was a nice moment.

A friend from Texas was calling and Peter announced “It’s Texas!” before he answered it and went downstairs.  Once he was downstairs Eva asked, “Texas in the phone, Mommy?”

Eva: Where is Daddy?
Me: He’s downstairs, talking on the phone.
Eva: I want to kiss him.


She has recently started saying really, as in:  “It’s really hot!” or  “It’s really heavy!” Or in this case, many reallys.  Only she pronounces it: “Ree”.

Eva: I’m really really really cold!
Me: Yes, you need a sweater.
Eva: Yes! And a cookie!
I want to share more of these as they come along and I regret that I haven’t written down any other funny or cute phrases that she has said in the past.


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10 thoughts on “Eva-isms

  1. kelli

    aw i love these. what a funny girl.


  2. Kim Bye

    She’s just such an Eva. Very precious child. I love her so very much. Thanks for sharing these Chelsey. What’s the one when she’s mad??


  3. Merlin

    I SO would like to see her.
    Try to post more Eva-isms :)


  4. Brandi

    she’s a cutie for sure!


  5. Brenda

    I have just spent an enjoyable afternoon running through your flikr website. You have some amazing photos … wow. Such talent … I love your sparkle!


  6. kelli

    i thoroughly enjoy your daily photos. but i miss your blogs.


  7. Erin

    I seriously think you are one of the sweetest mothers I have ever met. I love how you cherish every moment. Eva is very blessed- very blessed indeed.


  8. Alexis

    I need a sweater and a cookie too! *holds out hand

    when are you coming to vic next? are you bringing eva and petah?


  9. chelsey d. roberts

    eva for sure, pete i’m not so sure about.


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