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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve never really made too much of a deal out of Valentine’s day around here but now with having a little one to share it with, I kind of wanted to do something fun.  In the morning we painted together and in the afternoon Eva, my mom and I baked cupcakes.  We just had a wonderful, lazy day, sitting in the window-light and chatting with Mom & Randy.  Eva and I lay in her bed and snuggled as I tried to get her to have a nap (she didn’t).  My mom, Eva and I had lots of laughs around Eva’s little table while we had “tea” together.  Eva was not slow to point out through her actions that I was not invited to the tea party.  That was the cause of most of the laughter.  She was a bit grumpy from skipping the nap.


Here are the cuppycakes.  There are so many and I definitely don’t want to eat them all so I think I will give them away at church tomorrow.

Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day and a great start to the long weekend :)

PS – 6 years ago yesterday, Peter and I officially started dating.  Aww.

February 15, 2009 - 7:46 pm Hope - Yummy Cupcakes! Thanks! I enjoyed it!!

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