Bouncy, bouncy. 11/28

I like Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays I always go to the church with Buffy and Co. for Moms & Tots.  We always stop at Starbucks.  We take turns buying each other coffee.  Buffy works there now and gets a discount, so that’s pretty awesome.  I always enjoy visiting with the girls at M&T and Eva loves going to the church.  She loves seeing Daddy, Hope and Miss Linda… and sometimes Kelly.  We learned how to make natural all-purpose cleaner.  I like stuff like that.

Eva went down for her nap and I read and then prayed (FINALLY).  Then Party of Five came on and Charlie and Kirsten got married.  Party of Five is such a great show.  It’s real.  I mean, most people can identify with this show.  It’s not gimmicky.  I like it.

I woke Eva up from her nap and Peter came home and we spent a lot of time with Eva while she jumped on the bed.  She loves to yell “bouncy bouncy!” as she is bouncing.  I took a lot of pictures and Peter took some sweet video.  She is just such a gift to us.  I love her so much. Today out of nowhere she said, “I love you mommy!”.  I like that.


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One thought on “Bouncy, bouncy. 11/28

  1. Alexis

    oh my goodness Chelsey, that picture leapt out and grabbed at my heart and soul. She is so much more than I could even begin to describe. I am so excited to watch her life unfold, her journey told. :)


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