Saturday’s Positives. 7/28

There are many great things about today.

My husband had the day off.  We have been in each other’s company all day.

Eva slept late.  It was 10:15 when I woke her up.  She went to bed kind of late and has had a busy few days prior to today, so she is catching up.

We had a great cuddle session before she started jumping on the beds and running around the house.

Peter and I cleaned up the house.  My office is no longer a pile of papers and junk laying around from when I was editing-and-nothing-else.  So nice!

I stayed home today.  It was so nice to get out of the house the last three days, but I was definitely ready to stay in for the majority of today.

I wrote my 25 Random things.  It was fun to collect all these quirky things from my past and not-so-past.

I read my bible.  The whole thing.  In one afternoon.  Just kidding.

I pulled out my Beth Moore study book from about a year ago and decided to finish it.  I have always been planning to complete that study, but now I am actively doing so.

Eva is having a little nap.

To look forward to:
We are going for supper at Bud & Marlene’s.

Hockey Night in Canada.


My mom and Randy are coming next weekend!

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