a song for the girl.

When Peter and I were dating I secretly hoped he would write me a love song.  And if he happened to profess his love for me on stage in front of hundreds or even thousands of people, that would be perfectly fine with me as I blushed from off-stage.  It didn’t happen and now I am am not so secretive about my hope (that is now lost!).

This video just rubs it in my face.

But I love that Dallas and Leah are together… so it’s okay. 

[I tried to embed the video but I don’t think wordpress yet supports myspace videos… it would’ve been much better embedded!]

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2 thoughts on “a song for the girl.

  1. blair


    The Beatles
    and 2Pac

    That would be my dream concert


  2. jessie

    hey blair.
    i’d come.

    and chels…
    i’m not so sure how i feel about the dallas/leah thing.
    but my view has been tainted now that i’ve seen her on so you think you can dance canada (i actually resorted to watching it online only because then i could avoid her awful banter). i hope she is a less annoying girlfriend than she is a tv show host.
    for his sake.


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