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I know I won’t get any of these things, and I know that Christmas isn’t about getting gifts, but I just thought it would be fun to share some of the things that I like and would like to have…

#1 – Espresso Maker


This espresso machine is reason enough for me to go back to work at Starbucks for the discount.  Not to mention the savings it will afford me (does that sentence work!?).  Since I only seem to like the frou frou coffees, having my own espresso maker will save me spending the approximate $5 each time.  I would only need to make 200 coffees for it to have paid for itself.  I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t take too long, especially since I know Peter would enjoy it too :)

#2 – Point and Shoot Camera


This little camera rocks my socks. f/2.0 leica wide angle lens, 10.1 megapixels, RAW shooting, HD video (the video on my P&S right now is crap!!!).  I realllyrealllyreallllly want this.

#3 – Rosetta Stone for French


I have always wanted to be fluent in another language, and not only do I have such a good foundation in French already, but I love it!  I would love to have this so that I could make my linguistic dreams come true.  J’taime!

#4 – The Gentle Art of Domesticity


Right before Eva was born I attempted my very first sewing project.  Before that I crocheted and attempted knitting, and I have always loved baking.  And I am now in the middle of a love affair with the handmade world (modern crafters blogs, etsy.com, etc.).  More and more I desire to be the kind of mom who knows how to do everything with her hands and from scratch, with a nice artistic flair.

#5 – Jewelry


I love this locket.  I loved it even more when I noticed the swallows.


And I like leaves.


And this beauty sold before I could even write about it.  But I remember loving a necklace like this that my stepmom had a long time ago.

#5 – Button Press


I have a collection of buttons from throughout my life but mostly from lots of bands.   The first year that we went to Estonia we had a friend of ours make up some buttons that said “Luke Believes It’s True” (you probably had to be a part of LST or Friend Speak to get it) and ever since then I’ve thought it would be fun just to have one of these laying around to make up buttons for any old thing you’d like.

Okay, that’s all for now.  I can’t waste any more time on this list.  Maybe someday soon I will post a wish list that I have for Eva.  It would be much longer.  Kids stuff is so much cooler!

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2 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Marilyn

    Cool wish list Chelsey! There is nothing wrong with wishing for something special.. dreaming is always have the fun of eventually getting something really Cool! It brings out the “kid” in all of us!


  2. Marilyn

    Hey Chelsey! Check out http://www.yarnstorm.blogs.com... it’s the authors blog site from the book you are wishing for! And just for kicks this book can be purchased from Chapters.ca for 25.54 for anyone who has not completed their shopping for Chelsey yet!!!


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