It’s Sunday and I’m sitting in the Vancouver airport waiting for my flight. 

With all the hustle and bustle of moving and flying back for a wedding, I pretty much forgot about thanksgiving.  And with this raincloud hanging over my head lately I pretty much forgot about being thankful at all.

Right now I’m blaming it on the stress prior to moving, the stress of wedding season and the stress of moving (and its effects on my family and my relationship with my husband), but I am a big downer on the inside these days.  To make matters worse, it think that all this craziness and distraction from God has somewhat brought upon a resurrection of the old Chelsey and she keeps trying to take over my life. 

I’m even annoying myself with how ignorantly ungrateful I’ve been for everything, or rather, the zombie Chelsey has been.  She keeps whispering to me about “how much better things could be if…”

I’m not wanting to buy into it, but I’m admitting that I have, which makes me feel like a terrible person.  She tells me I am a waste.

So pray for me and the fight I’m having with my internal zombie.  I feel like I am needing some powerful intervention from God…

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9 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. Trinda

    Hey Chels…I’m there for you dear. I know that Zombie feeling freshly and I will pray and keep you in my thoughts. All things with time pass by. Hang in there..we love you.


  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Hi Chels….”This too shall pass”…and it will. I’ll pray for you and keep you in my heart. We love you too!


  3. Alexis

    never forget where you came from. Today’s Chelsey would not be here without the old Chelsey. You need her to know where you’ve been, and where you want to go.

    and another thing! (((hugs)))


  4. shantala

    When you have one of those “zombie” moments… remember that you have been made NEW in Christ Jesus. Read Colossians 3, and Ephesians 4. Both GREAT chapters on living the new life in Christ. Remember too that you are NOT alone. Satan will always try and make you think that you are alone, and no one can understand… when really we are all in the same boat. We have all had “zombie” moments. Moments that make us feel aweful, like we have fallen far away from where we want to be. Take heart my friend… know that you are still in the palm of God’s hand. He sees you EXACTLY where you are! Fall back on him… and read his words to you! Be encouraged.
    love to you


  5. Mom

    Hey my dear daughter, who I love!

    Hang on Chels…I am so thankful for you! I know you are tired and I know you are overwhelmed…you can do it! One day at time, one minute at a time! Work hard at staying connected with Pete and try not to look too far ahead. God will hold you close and remember He knows you and He loves you, just becuz He wants to, no strings attached! I love you too, by the way, no strings attached! Whatever you need, I am here! My prayers are here too! I will be praying for you and your struggle! Here is my hug! Love, Mom in Regina


  6. Mom & Grandma Kim

    I was reading your blog again today and it broke my heart Chelsey. Your pain just came through so clear and I felt I needed to cry for you. It’s awful to feel like that. I just want to hold you and tell you that everything will be okay. It will be. I will continue to keep praying for you my dear. God loves you so very much and I can only imagine how proud he is of you. You are our amazing girl and Randy and I both love you more than you know. And God loves you even more than we do, which is hard for me to understand. We will always be here for you. This will pass and days ahead will be better.


  7. gabbailey

    Chelsey, if there’s anything I can do to help….you are always welcome. I know Rachele loves looking after Eva so if you need a night out we’re here for you!

    Chris Bailey


  8. Erin L.

    I second Chris, Chelsey!!! Definately know that you guys already have a church family who adores you!!! We’ll do anything for ya! I’ll call you to have coffee.


  9. Karai

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