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i’ve been bugged lately.

i’m getting kind of tired of the way that i write on here.

actually, i’m getting kind of tired of what i don’t say, whether it’s on here or not.

i recently read one of my journals from grade 12 and what i truly appreciated about it was the honesty with which i wrote.  good or bad i put it in there, because that was where i was at.  as i’m growing older i think that i’m writing from a place that is more reserved, to keep up a certain appearance.  i don’t think i intentionally write like that, but from now on i want to write from a more vulnerable place.

October 10, 2008 - 12:58 pm shantala - I think its wonderful that you are coming to that place in your life. Dan and I both came to that spot a few years ago. We got tired of giving the same old "fine" to everything we did. Now we tell people how we are really doing. Its good to create a habit of being honest and real with people!

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