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I talked to my husband for 130 minutes on the phone today.  I am in Saskatchewan and he is in Victoria.  We haven’t talked on the phone for that long in a long time.  I mentioned to him that I might get a shootsac for my birthday.  He suggested that I write a new blog.  I guess the birthday wishlist post was still up. 

Anyway, I don’t have much to update.  We haven’t sold our house yet but we are confident that it will sell soon.  Yes.  Confident. 

I have been all over Southeast Saskatchewan in the last week, and even a little dip down into North Dakota.  I will be going to Regina tomorrow, to shoot a wedding for Becky and Brian.  Oh yeah, and to hang out with family and friends.  Can’t wait!

Anyway, last little tidbit of information.  I recently joined twitter.  Basically, it’s a blog that consists of facebook status updates.  I’ve tried to avoid it for a while, but it has me curious.  So if you are interested, I might be twittering it up.  I know John is going to love it.

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  1. Kelly Carter


    You talked with him for 130 minutes?! I just spent the better part of a week with him in the mountains and we didn’t talk that much. You two must have something special going! But don’t think he and I don’t get along. I really enjoyed our time together and am very much looking forward to your arrival in Calgary. The real question is, “Does Eva know what she’s getting herself into?” I cannot speak for our teens, of course, but I know at least one teenager -with whom I live- who absolutely loves the little ones and will be yearning to babysit!



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