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A lot of you know the latest news, but a lot of you still might not… although, if I know the Church of Christ/Western crew… news travels fast!

The latest adventure that this Roberts family will be embarking upon is a move to the big city of Calgary, Alberta sometime in September.  Peter was offered the Youth Minister position at the Calgary CofC, working with Kelly and Robin Carter (and taking that scoundrel, John Close’s position… and possibly house… and cat…)

We have strongly felt God’s direction towards Calgary and of course, our feelings about the move are truly bittersweet.  Living in Calgary will allow Peter to finish his bachelor’s degree (because there is a school there) and another bonus will be that we are just that much closer to family.  While we look forward to a new chapter in the journey that God has us on, we are very sad to leave the teens, the church and our friends and family here.  Let’s not forget about our sweet house that we’ve lived in for only 4 months.  We are sad to say goodbye to that too.  And the island.  Oh the island.  It is lovely here, that’s for sure.  But we didn’t move here because it’s beautiful (although it was definitely a blessing!) and it isn’t a reason to stay when God says “Go!”.

So please pray for us.  I thought life was crazy and stressful before just with wedding season at its peak.  Now we are dealing with heavy emotions and house stuff on top of our normal craziness.

When we moved into this house I remember saying “Okay, now I’m not moving again for a long time!”

I think God must’ve laughed.

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6 thoughts on “The Latest

  1. Tim

    congrats guys. That’s good news.


  2. John Close

    If you want our house you better be quick. We have an offer on the table. If not, you’re the scoundrel.


  3. Shantala

    Well… I will miss you. I feel as though we have just begun to really get to know you. God’s plans aren’t always what we think they should be… but I KNOW that he is leading you and peter in the best direction for you. Take courage that God will be with you every step of the way. Through every moment. He will give you all that you will need. May you be richly blessed for following God’s lead~!

    Much Love


  4. Hope Pawlak

    Hi Chelsey, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I am a friend of John and Angie’s from the Calgary Church of Christ. We are excited that you are coming to work here and can’t wait to meet you and your family!


  5. Lauire

    It is certainly interesting how God works, hey! I think once we think we know what God has in mind, he shakes things up a little :)

    I hope your move to Calgary goes smoothly!! I know you guys will do awesome there!!


  6. brandi

    Hi Chelsey, I echo Hope’s message – we don’t know each other, but I’m also excited for you guys to move here and to be working with Peter (I’m the secretary at Calgary CofC). Praying that your move goes well…


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